Are you looking to test the waters or sharpen your skills in cybersecurity? Our PREP workshop lets you get your feet wet in cybersecurity, while our Red and Blue Team workshops help you take your current cybersecurity skills to the next level. Cybersecurity never stops advancing and neither should you.

Red Team Workshops

Red Team workshops help you become a better ethical hacker by developing and sharpening your pen testing skills. This is the perfect sequence of workshops for learning basic reconnaissance and attacks, using state-of-the-art tools and tradecraft. By the end of this workshop sequence, you are expected to be able to scan a network, identify a vulnerable machine, exploit the vulnerability, obtain a reverse shell, and craft a professional penetration test report.

April 2019


Fundamentals of Penetration Testing

Web App Pen Testing

Advanced Attacks

Included in this program:
  • Pen testing fundamentals

  • Intro to ethical hacking tools

  • Conduct in-lab penetration test

  • 36 hours of CPE credits

  • Offered at local campuses

Blue Team Workshops

Blue Team workshops help you develop your network defense skills. You will learn the fundamentals of networking as they pertain to a SOC analyst or in-house network security technician. You will learn how to investigate a network intrusion and other security events. These workshops prepare you to perform network analysis, determine security flaws and deploy countermeasures as well as introduce you to basic investigative methodology and evidence handling.

April 2019


Fundamentals of Network Defense

Incident and Event Management

Incident Response

Included in this program:
  • Network defense fundamentals

  • Intro to network security tools

  • Conduct in-lab security assessment

  • 36 hours of CPE credits

  • Offered at local campuses

SecureSet PREP

SecureSet PREP will help you to develop the technical and analytical skills you’ll need to succeed in one of our immersive education programs. The base-level skills that you’ll learn in this six-week workshop will also provide you with a sturdy foundation for your cybersecurity career. Passing this class will pre-qualify you for one of our immersive programs. Students who enroll in an immersive program following PREP can apply their PREP costs to their continued education. This workshop is offered both on-campus and online.

Learn On-CampusLearn Online


Intro to Python

Intro to Networks

Intro to Systems

  • Foundational technical instruction

  • 6 weeks of evening classes or learn online

  • Intro to Systems, Networking and Python

  • Pre-qualification to HUNT or CORE

  • Tuition credit toward HUNT or CORE


In 2017, 40% of surveyed employers had financed continuing ed for security staff.


In 2018, hacks and data thefts have cost just eight companies $280 million and counting.


80% of cybersecurity jobs require advanced training. Our Workshops help you level-up.

SecureSet workshops are post-professional education. If you need to fill a little niche in your knowledge, it is perfect for just spinning up on that in the shortest period of time.

— Ajay Menendez, Executive Director of HUNT, SecureSet

Personal attributes

  • Always looking to dig deeper into tough problems and skills
  • An interest in leveling up your skills
  • A passion for discovery and learning

Technical experience

  • Already comfortable with some systems
  • A professional background in cybersecurity helps
  • Cybersecurity mastery is not expected


  • Formal and/or immersive cybersecurity or computer education
  • Some certification training
  • On the job cybersecurity experience

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