RJ Burney

Robert "RJ" Burney

Robert Burney is a cybersecurity expert working to prevent Nation State threats. He has assisted a multitude of fortune 100 and 500 companies to reduce cybersecurity risk. Though his project work often makes the news, he can neither confirm nor deny his involvement.

Knowing that the practice of cybersecurity is a constantly evolving pursuit, Robert is constantly studying his craft. He holds a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from the University of South Florida and continues to study the daily evolution in cybersecurity, to stay apace with its constant evolution. “In the coming years cybersecurity will no longer be a binary subject, but a quantum experience that will destroy modern cryptography and crack your passwords at the speed of light.”

Robert is a firm believer in the open source sharing of knowledge and works to provide that knowledge with the community. He currently assists in K-12, undergraduate and graduate course development for academia in support of cybersecurity education. He has spent several decades behind a keyboard and though he has traveled extensively, he has also been just about everywhere in the world, virtually.