SecureSet Update Regarding COVID-19: Our Commitment to our Students and Campus Communities

April 16, 2020



Dear SecureSet Community,

SecureSet and Flatiron School have, like so many of you, worked to respond to the ever-changing world around us as a result of COVID-19. Our goal of providing our students with a rigorous educational experience has not changed despite the shifting nature of our campus communities. Change is scary, but we as a school, are humbled to acknowledge the resilience our students have exhibited. Our internal motto of “students first” keeps us focused as we implement the necessary changes to keep our staff and students safe.

As we navigate this temporary new chapter of remote instruction at all of our campuses, here is our commitment — we will stay connected to you. While we are geographically disconnected we are committed to moving forward together. Connection through mission and education is foundational to who we are, and that will not change.

Last month, we implemented a transition from on-campus to remote instruction, as guided by the CDC and other applicable government leaders, to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We have now created a centralized document where you can receive up-to-date information regarding all proposed campus reopen dates. Please be reassured that we are closely monitoring the situation following the guidance coming from each of our campus cities’ relevant governmental authorities and we will regularly update our community as we learn more.



  • Here is what we can share to date.
    • We have established a page for tracking the status of our campuses. That page can be found here. For new program start-dates, where applicable, and, where necessary and permitted by local regulators, campus students will begin their programs with remote instruction, which will continue in this format until the applicable campus re-opens;
    • Online students have access to several temporary policy changes we’ve made in order to offer students more support and flexibility during this time
    • Based on guidance received from local and national governmental authorities, we:
      • Transitioned Flatiron School Seattle campus to remote instruction on March 6th, 2020,
      • Transitioned Flatiron School New York and San Francisco campuses to remote instruction on March 11th, 2020,
      • Transitioned our Tampa, Colorado Springs, and Denver SecureSet campuses to remote instruction on March 16th, 2020, and
      • Transitioned remaining Flatiron School campuses to remote instruction on March 16, 2020.
  • We understand the challenging situations people are navigating, and the outpouring of support amongst our students have been moving but not unexpected. Supporting one another through the challenges of change is core to who we are at SecureSet and Flatiron School.
    • If you are a currently enrolled student with questions about your program, please email [email protected]
    • If you are a prospective student or are enrolled in a program that has not started yet and have questions about an upcoming program, please email [email protected], or the admissions representative you have been working with.
    • You are also invited to stay engaged with our learning communities by accessing a new offering of topical webinars and virtual cyber workshops that we are hosting in the upcoming weeks.



We’re still accepting applications for our upcoming on-campus courses while we have temporarily transitioned all of our campuses to remote learning. Remote learning for campus courses, in the context of our COVID-19 response, maintains the intensity, fast pace, and community element that is central to our on-campus experience. By comparison, our online programs are longer in duration, offer more flexibility, and have geographically diverse cohorts. Even while conducted remotely, our on-campus courses still offer our most immersive framework, so you can graduate in as little as 12 weeks and start launching your new tech career.  

To help keep you safe without compromising the quality and pace of your education, our instructors have increased office hours and added new community hours. Our on-campus courses remain our fastest, most intensive programs, with the most instructional support, even during the temporary transition to remote learning.

We intend to maintain all previously published campus program start dates, so you may start learning remotely when your program begins, if necessary. Regardless of the format, you’ll receive the same accelerated path to your new career.  

Your campus may be virtual to start, but you’ll still be learning with a group of peers in the same geographic area. This is a supportive, collaborative community that you’ll maintain after graduating.

We have been invigorated to see how quickly support can coalesce. Campus students are being contacted with helpful tips to navigate remote learning by our Central Education team; job seekers are staying connected with their Career Coaches to navigate interviews and job searches; we have seen instructors working long hours to assist students with specific needs, all while rapidly deploying lesson plans and continuing to ensure the quality of our remote instruction for campuses that have moved online. To our caring SecureSet and Flatiron School extended community and alumni who have stepped forward, thank you for your support of our students.

As we move forward, the most important thing we are asking of you is to stay safe and healthy; for yourselves and each other. Embrace your ability to connect, whether via Zoom, Slack, or social media. Let us not shy away from remaining a tightly connected community of learners, career changers, and educators.