SecureSet in the News: Colorado company trains in-demand cybersecurity pros

December 3, 2019

November 27, 2019 | Denver, CO Many countries around the world face a severe shortage of cybersecurity experts. With computer hacks and breaches on the rise, there are too few people working in the sector, to keep groups and businesses safe. CGTN’s Hendrik Sybrandy reports on one program, that aims to fill the gap.

“We’re adding jobs faster than we’re able to fill them which is just creating this widening gap,” said Bret Fund, Founder and CEO of SecureSet, an academy dedicated to training cyber-security professionals and helping fill that labor gap.

According to the website CyberSeek, there are currently more than half a million cyber-security jobs open in the U.S. “It’s a big problem, globally as well as locally,” Fund said.

He said data breaches of businesses are on the upswing these days and that hackers, often criminal enterprises or state actors, are managing to stay one step ahead of cyber experts.

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