SecureSet Academy Partners with Norwich University

September 8, 2016

DENVER, Sept 8, 2016 – SecureSet Academy and Norwich University have signed an Articulation Agreement solidifying the ability for SecureSet Academy students graduating from the CORE program to transfer into one of five Norwich Undergraduate programs. SecureSet Academy students meeting the academic standards outlined in the agreement can transfer into one of the five programs for 33 credit hours—this represents approximately one year of university education. This is a bold and novel initiative by both organizations, which are looking to meet the challenges in the changing face of the education and cybersecurity industries.

We, at SecureSet Academy, are proud to be working and partnering with Norwich University. Norwich is the number 2 school in Information Assurance as ranked by the Ponemon Institute, which conducted the survey for Hewlett Packard, compiling the list of top schools based on responses from 1,958 security practitioners, about 65% of whom identified themselves as being at a supervisory level. Survey participants were given a list of 403 educational institutions and were asked to select and rank up to five of the institutions in descending order of preference. Respondents were then asked to rate each school’s program based on their perceptions about the school’s academic rigor, faculty quality and other measures.

We are excited to be working with such a high-ranking higher education institution and we are honored to note their trust in our CORE program, through the acceptance of our Academy graduates into their University.

ssa_norwichThis is an exciting step forward for both organizations, as well as the slow-to-evolve education industry. Last year, the Department of Education at the Federal Government set out to pilot an effort called EQUIP to determine whether or not some of the non-traditional education organizations (mostly targeted at development bootcamps) could work with universities. While EQUIP has yet to determine whether or not it can be successful, this new agreement between SecureSet and Norwich University (which are not part of the EQUIP program) provides a winning case study of exactly the EQUIP objective.

Within the cybersecurity industry, SecureSet Academy is working closely with corporate partners to define skill and knowledge requirements so that we provide the hybrid education (theory + practice) that employers need and desire. This approach has helped us enlist many of our Hiring Partners who regularly share open positions within their companies that we promote to the students in our programs.


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