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May 1, 2017

April 28, 2017 | There’s a boom in jobs in the Denver area and some employers are offering big paychecks for entry-level work.

Denver7 set out to find the jobs hiring in Denver that don’t require any experience to get hired, don’t require a college degree, offer training on the job, and pay at the salary levels of $30,000, $60,000 and $90,000. And we found Colorado is offering plenty of opportunities for those seeking a new career path or just starting out.

“It’s a great job market in Denver, one of the best in the nation, honestly,” Alexandra Hall, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s chief economist, told Denver7.

“No degree necessary: entry-level jobs offering salaries up to $90k in Denver.”

The $90,000 Job: Cybersecurity

The website says there is a “dangerous shortage” of cybersecurity workers in the United States. The website says there are 128,000 openings for cybersecurity jobs every year nationwide but only about 88,000 people currently working in the field.

Some entry-level jobs in cybersecurity have average salaries topping $90,000 a year, according to CyberSeek.

There is a path to an entry-level cybersecurity job that doesn’t require a college degree. SecureSet offers 12-week training “boot camps” in cybersecurity for $12,000 and the company works with numerous hiring partners to help graduates find work right away.

“Security professionals are in very high demand because there’s not enough of them out there,” Dr. Bret Fund of SecureSet told Denver7.

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This news snippet originally appeared on 7News Denver.

About SecureSet Academy

SecureSet Academy offers the first bootcamp-style, comprehensive cybersecurity education program in the U.S. — and the fastest route to entry-level careers in the field. The Academy was launched in response to the global shortfall of cybersecurity professionals who will be needed to meet the rise in sophisticated threats worldwide.

SecureSet Academy compresses the time required to achieve necessary skills and certifications from years to months. This intense, hands-on education ensures skills that are immediately applicable in working cybersecurity environments — 100% of the program’s graduates have received job offers to date. SecureSet Academy has campuses in Denver, Colorado Springs, and will soon launch in Tampa. For more information, please visit