SecureSet PREP: Jan-Feb 2020, Denver

Kickstart your cybersecurity career with our SecureSet PREP program.

Cohort Details

6 Weeks
Weekdays + Sat Open Labs
50/50 Instruction/Hands-on Labs
Quickest path to a technical career

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A 6-week workshop

Course Description

This workshop is the ultimate preparation for our CORE Engineering or HUNT Analyst programs. This six-week evening class introduces you to Systems, Networking and Python. Passing this workshop will pre-qualify you to one of our programs with the ability to deduct the cost of this workshop from your program tuition.

Course grading

This workshop will assess skill development across subject areas via quizzes and labs. A successful student will score 80% or better for entrance into the CORE program and 60% or better for entrance into the HUNT program.


Modules included in this program

This workshop is for individuals with a high level of interest in cybersecurity but a lack of technical skills or experience. If you are technically inclined and have the desire to put in the work, you can be successful in this class.

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