PATH Part-Time: Colorado Springs, Summer 2020

Secure your future cybersecurity career with PATH, a part time cybersecurity program. Upgrade your skills to mission-ready status in just 36 weeks of evening classes and join the fast-growing security field. See cohort details below or contact us for help finding the right option for you.

Cohort Details

36 Weeks
2 Weekdays + Sat Labs
50/50 Instruction/Labs
Technical or Analytical career
2 Paths

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A 36-week evening immersive program

Our PATH program allows you to choose either an analytical or engineering path of curriculum, following two shared courses in systems and networks. Develop the skills you need for a career as a tier 1+ SOC analyst, threat intel analyst, security consultant, compliance analyst, security engineer, technical analyst or penetration tester. Our PATH program gets you mission ready in 36 weeks.

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Modules included in this program

Learn industry-standard theories and techniques, then apply them during hands-on labs for a complete cybersecurity skill set. The PATH program includes:

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