Transformational curriculum

Our strategically engineered curriculum will have you ready to hack and defend networks in just 20 weeks. You will learn the technical skills needed to be competitive in the field of cybersecurity, through real-world lab environments paired with industry-grade curriculum. The CORE program includes 12 foundational courses designed to prepare you for success in the cybersecurity job market.

Learning Outcomes
Core crypto primitives
Encryption & authentication
High-level security protocols


Learning Outcomes
Engaging the enterprise
Delivering system security
Plans and policies


Learning Outcomes
System security monitoring
Intrusion detection
Crisis management

Logs & Detection

Learning Outcomes
Network basics
Network layers
Common protocols

Network Intro

Learning Outcomes
Core network security
Basic network protocols
Attacks on basic technology

Network Security

Learning Outcomes
Advanced network security
Sniffing & port scanning
Web-based security

Network Security 2

Learning Outcomes
Professionalism in security
Conducting intelligence
Industry expectations

Security Culture

Learning Outcomes
Psychology of analysis
Criminal psychology
Threat intelligence

Strategy & Analysis

Learning Outcomes
Intro to OSes
Intro configuration
Intro to security

System Intro

Learning Outcomes
Core system security
Key desktop OS
Key mobile OS

System Security

Learning Outcomes
Advanced system security
Standard attacks
Payloads, malware & more

Advanced Systems

Learning Outcomes
Threat intelligence overview
Threat creation
Threat consumption

Threat Intelligence


With 12 technical courses in this program, you will develop a solid skill set for engineering.


Learn to hack and defend networks, in just 20 transformational weeks.


Get 800 hours of immersive curriculum, hands-on skill building, and product training.

CORE faculty

The CORE Program employs industry professionals from multiple cybersecurity domains in addition to seasoned academics. Our dynamic instructors teach from their own rich career experience, deepening the curriculum with tips, tricks, and skills that are real and applicable in today’s world.


Days a Week


Instruction Hours


Lab Hours

Do you have what it takes?

Personal Attributes

  • Successful CORE students are typically organized leaders, proficient decoders and detail-oriented individuals with a passion for tech and computer systems.

Technical Experience

  • Some knowledge of programming languages, as well as a familiarity with Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems, will help with this program.


  • We place a higher value on technical ability over formal education. Networking engineering certifications and degrees in technology, science and math are helpful.

Check out a CORE success story

Returning to civilian life after serving in the military isn’t always an easy transition. Check out the inspiring story of CORE Graduate, Ezra Jackson Jr., and his difficult, but ultimately successful, 20-week transition into the exciting field of cybersecurity.

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Career Paths

There’s a lot of opportunity in the cybersecurity industry! Learn more about the types of careers that you could achieve after graduation from the SecureSet CORE Engineering program. Study the roles and responsibilities of each career path and then see if any sound right for you.