Navy Cyberwarfare Veteran Takes the Helm at Colorado Springs Cybersecurity Campus

February 21, 2017

SecureSet Academy today announced that Commander Abe Thompson (US Navy, Ret.) has been named director of the Academy’s new cybersecurity education programs in Colorado Springs.

Thompson served in numerous Cyberwarfare, Information Warfare and Cryptologic roles for the Fleet from 1989-2013. His Special Warfare Navy Cyber Sailors received recognition for bringing Navy Cyber to preeminence in the Special Operations Community. His extensive training and diverse leadership experience in an ever-changing field will be leveraged to drive the SecureSet mission of quickly preparing students for mid- to entry-level roles in the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry.

“Commander Abe Thompson (US Navy, Ret.) has been named director of SecureSet Academy’s new cybersecurity education programs in Colorado Springs.”

“I love the continuing sense of mission that SecureSet Academy offers. Private citizens can be part of the solution in defending our nation’s critical infrastructure. Veterans get to extend the mission they started while in service,” said Thompson. “I joined the Navy and left Colorado Springs 28 years ago, but my heart never left my hometown. I’m delighted to return home and do my part to further Colorado Springs’ role as the key destination on the cybersecurity map.”

“Abe is the perfect person to strengthen our ties to the city and its growing cybersecurity community,” added SecureSet Academy founder Bret Fund. “The depth of his knowledge and commitment is without compare. We know he will excel at fulfilling our mission to deliver the most complete, accelerated cybersecurity education in the US.”

SecureSet Academy’s CORE Technical Program begins evening classes on March 14, 2017 in Colorado Springs. All programs are supported by the GI Bill. For more information, contact abe(at)secureset(dot)com or call 800.445.0024.

This press release originally appeared on PRWeb.

About SecureSet Academy

SecureSet Academy offers the first bootcamp-style, comprehensive cybersecurity education program in the U.S. — and the fastest route to entry-level careers in the field. The Academy was launched in response to the global shortfall of cybersecurity professionals who will be needed to meet the rise in sophisticated threats worldwide.

SecureSet Academy compresses the time required to achieve necessary skills and certifications from years to months. This intense, hands-on education ensures skills that are immediately applicable in working cybersecurity environments — 100% of the program’s graduates have received job offers to date. SecureSet Academy has campuses in Denver, Colorado Springs, and will soon launch in Tampa. For more information, please visit