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Every SecureSet program includes a full set of Career Services, delivered by your Career Services Manager, to prepare and position you for success in navigating the cybersecurity job market. Applying will redirect you to the Flatiron School website to take the next step on your journey to becoming a cybersecurity professional.


At least 64 leading, cutting-edge companies have already hired SecureSet graduates.


There are 28 instruction hours in Career Development, available to each student.


Each campus has its own career services manager, who will help you navigate your first offer.

SecureSet career services curriculum empowers students to leverage their unique skills and strengths.

Define Your Cyber ID

You will develop a 10-dimension statement to the security industry, about who you are.

Career Development Classes

SecureSet provides 8 professional classes to position you for job hunt success.

Extensive Career Services

The Wire is your platform to job hunt with power and precision.

Soft Skills Tuning

Cybersecurity demands soft skills. We’ll help you assess and improve yours.

Unlimited 1:1 Coaching

Your SecureSet Career Services Manager is available to you from Orientation day forward.

Continual Alumni Support

Enjoy access to the Wire and career services support throughout your cyber career.

Student Testimonials

"SecureSet provides the best in-house career placement opportunities I have seen from any education institution."

— Jonathan Villareal

"I started with no experience and no college degree. With SecureSet alone, I was not only able to get interviews, I was able to get a job at a solid security firm.”

— Harrison Barbour

“I am happy with SecureSet and appreciate the training that I received. I was able to find a job before graduation.”

— Chris Davis

Get Wired

As a SecureSet student/graduate, you’re ready to start applying for cybersecurity jobs. We’ve made it very easy for you to find them through our career services platform, the Wire.

+ Create a profile for employers to view your credentials, skills and competencies.

+ Search for jobs, filter by keywords/location and engage with employers—all through our Wire platform.

+ Yep, we’re the first immersive style education provider to provide a full-function and university-grade jobs platform.

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Our students and graduates earn jobs in a variety of functions that support the information security efforts of companies across the world. Roles include: Cyber Consultant, Security Engineer, Technical Project Manager, Information Security Analyst, Network Defense Analyst, IT Specialist, Systems Administrator, Software Developer, Information Assurance Engineer, SaaS Support Technician, Threat Analyst, Intern, Director of Security, Escalation Engineer, Junior Security Analyst, SOC Analyst, Account Manager, Sales Development, Customer Success Associate, Security Risk and Compliance Analyst, Systems Software Analyst, Penetration Tester and more.

We take a holistic view of career development and focus on three key areas: You, Career Services, and Industry Engagement. We provide you with individualized career training, support, and planning to help you get ahead. With our platform, you will gain access to exclusive opportunities and resources tailored to the industry. We have built a strong community around cyber security that trains, supports, and hires our graduates. Conferences, Meetups, and Industry Panels give students a chance to learn the latest trends from the experts themselves. Students at SecureSet become effective and efficient networkers who take control of their careers early on.

This is a tricky question. It all depends on your efforts leading up to graduation and your actions following it. Some students are hired prior to completing the program, often with no security experience. We have a 90% placement rate within 6 months of graduation historically, and there are no signs cybersecurity is going away. You will be encouraged to meet as many industry professionals as possible to learn from their success and help clarify a path for yourself. The fastest placements have come from simply showing up and meeting people. Additionally, we continue working with SecureSet alumni long after they achieve their first job.

We have proven time and time again that technical degrees do not make hackers. Our industry partners are looking for emotional intelligence just as much as technical skill set. The threat is always evolving. Diversity in problem solving capability is just as important as ever. Chances are, the manager who will hire you does not have a technical degree either. Also, entry-level talent that can start performing security functions on day one is hard to come by, but you are likely more affordable than an expert.

Be yourself and work hard. Some of the most amazing opportunities were earned through sheer will and follow-through. We give you the technical skills and the community. Your curiosity and passion will guide you further. Study everything, master nothing. Multitasking and effective prioritization are key. Read more here.

Between our Career Services Managers, we have decades of experience in providing targeted transitional assistance to active duty service members, spouses, and veterans. We take the time to listen and provide support where necessary. Employers have diversity hiring initiatives that include service members. Those with active secret clearances or higher will be highly sought after by Department of Defense contractors.

SecureSet provides the general technical skills necessary to qualify for entry-level and up-skilled positions in information security, whether that be security analysis or engineering. Our partners in the industry have diverse needs and would prefer to teach their new hires the best practices inherent to their business. SecureSet’s immersive classroom and lab-based training accelerates the learning process, much like practicing a new language in another country. The industry has taken notice. We’ve had Zookeepers, Firearms Instructors, Cashiers, Truck Drivers and more forge their pathway into cybersecurity. At this point our alumni are embedded all over the industry and have opened the doors for future students.

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