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Tech Confluence Meetup June 2018

Event Details

June 20
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

SecureSet Denver
2228 Blake Street #100
Denver CO 80205

What we’re about

Tech Confluence is a lunchtime meet-up of developers, designers and generally amazing people in downtown Denver to present and discuss software related topics. The focus is on software engineering, design, running projects and companies, and the intersection of technology and society.

General format is
1. Load up a plate of food, find a place to sit and say hello to some new people.
2. Three 10 minute talks.
3. Attendees volunteer to give an upcoming talk.

Optionally, stick around after to chat with speakers and attendees.


Past talks have included:

MVP to Scale, Paired Design Work, Agile process, Machine Learning, Node.js, Redis, OpenColorado.org, Pair programming, Backbone.js, Remote Pairing, CSS media queries, Google Prediction API, Integrated Design & Dev, Agile Testing, Generative Adversarial Networks, Improving Education

Pair Programming, Multi-Variate Testing, Creating a Bastion Server; Open source licensing, Increasing transparency, Amazon Web Services, Spritely, Information Design,

Organizer Info:

SecureSet Academy