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Intro to WiFi

Hacking 101: Intro to WiFi

We all use it, but do you know how WiFi actually works? Are you taking it for granted that your WiFi network is secure? Would you know where to look to find out if your network is suffering from interference or is vulnerable to hackers?

In cybersecurity, it is imperative that you can answer these questions. In this beginner-level workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of how WiFi works and dive into the strategies used to keep WiFi networks secure from malicious hackers, or just from nosy neighbors who might take advantage of your lack of security.

This 101 will give you a deeper understanding of this everyday tool. We’ll not only take a closer look at the logistics behind WiFi, but also best practices for securing your WiFi connection. Most importantly, we’ll introduce you to spectrum analyzers and help you answer the timeless question: Why does my WiFi suck sometimes?

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This SecureSet event is eligible for 2 hours of CPE credit! Ask a SecureSet staff member at the event if you would like to receive a CPE certificate.

6:00-6:30 PM | Mix & Mingle
6:30-7:15 PM | Instructional Presentation
7:15-8:00 PM | Hands-On Lab

After attending this workshop, you will understand:
+ How WiFi works
+ Types of WiFi security
+ How to analyze WiFi networks and identify risks

What you’ll need:
+ Laptop and power cord
+ Ability to access 802.11n (2.4 GHz) wireless

Who should attend:
+ Cybersecurity beginners, students, hobbyists, and the cyber-curious
+ Anyone interested in learning the basics of WiFi security
+ No previous networking or cybersecurity experience required!

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If you consider yourself a cybersecurity n00b, then Hacking 101 is for you. Hacking 101 events are the perfect, no-strings-attached way for you to learn hacking skills, get hands-on in the world of cybersecurity, and find your crowd. Hacking 101 was built for cyber n00bs (beginners), but make no mistake—this isn’t your typical 101 lecture! Each event will feature a hands-on workshop, led by cyber pros, designed to boost your cyber-skills. Hacking 101 is an opportunity for you to gain technical knowledge and find out if cybersecurity is something you’re passionate about. No experience is required. Just show up and learn something new!

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