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Hacking 101: Steganography

Hacking 101: Steganography

This 101 provides an informative overview as well as a hands-on steganography exercise. Steganography is the centuries-old art of concealing messages within a message, often in plain sight. This has been done in various forms from Da Vinci painting messages within his art, to the American Revolutionaries using invisible ink, to embedding information within digital images. Presenter and SecureSet adjunct instructor, Ron Bondy, will guide you though the contemporary creation and use of steganography as it applies in today’s digital age.

Instructor Bio:
Ron Bondy is a Principal Engineer at AVEVA and serves as a Adjunct Instructor at the Colorado Springs campus of SecureSet. Ron has 25+ years of experience in designing and writing software as well as solving complex engineering problems.

6:00 | Mix & Mingle
6:15 | Presentation & Workshop
7:45 | Q&A Wrap up

Suggested Experience:
+ Basic programming or networking skills.
+ ZERO security experience required!

What To Bring:
+ Laptop & Power Cord
+ Curiosity

Street parking is available for events during business hours (metered and free spots). After business hours, the building parking lot is open to all.


If you consider yourself a cybersecurity n00b, then Hacking 101 is for you. Each event will feature a hands-on workshop designed to boost your cyber-skills. Hacking 101 is an opportunity for you to gain technical knowledge and find out if cybersecurity is something you’re passionate about. No experience is required. Just show up and learn something new!

Organizer Info:

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