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Hacking 101: Metasploit 101

Event Details

March 8
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

SecureSet Tampa
1403 E 9th Ave
Tampa FL 33605

Free / person

Hacking 101: Metasploit 101

Metasploit is the leading penetration testing framework providing a single source for reconnaissance, exploitation, and post-exploitation tools. Organizations use Metasploit internally to test their security and penetration testers use it to validate vulnerabilities and demonstration impact of a compromise. You do not need to purchase or bring your own exploits since this free and open source framework comes with more than 1,300 exploits and 2,000 modules along with antivirus evasion tools loaded by default but can also be extended by the user with private exploits, shellcode, and other tools.

This Metasploit 101 will introduce the Metasploit framework, msfconsole, configuring an exploit module, using Meterpreter to ease control and management of exploited machines, and a taste of post exploitation with Metasploit auxiliary modules. Participants should bring a laptop with Metasploit installed (Metasploit is included in Kali).

Suggested Experience:
+ Basic programming or networking skills.
+ ZERO security experience required!

What To Bring:
+ Laptop & Power Cord
+ Curiosity


If you consider yourself a cybersecurity n00b, then Hacking 101 is for you. Each event will feature a hands-on workshop designed to boost your cyber-skills. Hacking 101 is a great opportunity for you to gain industry exposure and explore if cybersecurity is something you’re passionate about. No experience is required. Just show up and learn something new!

Organizer Info:

SecureSet Academy