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Cybersecurity Career Convos: Jason Zaffuto on Pen Testing

Cybersecurity Career Convos: Jason Zaffuto on Pen Testing

So you want to be a pen tester? Maybe you aren’t sure what a pen tester is or does, but you’re curious about career paths in cybersecurity? Join us to learn more from an experienced red team professional about what pen testing is like and how to get there!

Jason Zaffuto has over 20 years of experience working with electronics, information technology, and security. A former Army Paratrooper, Military Intelligence Electronic Warfare Systems maintainer, and a Locksmith with the US Army, he has worked in some of the most challenging positions worldwide. In addition to working as a locksmith, Jason was part of the US Army’s physical Red Team, where he tested military facilities physical access controls. Jason also worked as a systems engineer at NASA’s Stennis Space Center and was an NSA systems administrator and Intelligence contractor in Iraq/Afghanistan, where he tracked terrorists using cellphone direction finding equipment and other equipment that he helped engineer himself.

He has vast knowledge about electronics and IT enterprise products where he specializes in Active Directory, VMware, Citrix, and SCCM. Jason holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Advancing Technology in Network Security and works full-time performing penetration testing and red team assessments for Rapid7.

6:00-6:30 | Networking
6:30-7:30 | Speaker
7:30-8:00 | Q&A, Wrap-up



You have cybersecurity career questions and we have answers from current industry professionals. Cybersecurity Career Convos is an opportunity to learn from individuals who currently work in cybersec and are up to date on current trends. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in cybersecurity, then these events are for you. The first segment of Cybersecurity Career Convos is typically devoted to networking, so bring those business cards!

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