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Denver Blue Team Workshop: Fundamentals of Network Defense

Blue Team Workshop: Fundamentals of Network Defense

Workshop Overview
This workshop will reinforce the concepts of networking and will explain how a service’s data is bundled. You will learn to use computer network tools to detect, monitor, protect, analyze and defend against network infiltrations resulting in service/network denial, degradation and disruptions. You will also use the ethernet frame and IPv4 TCP/IP packet networking model as an example. The workshop will discuss layered approaches to security with an emphasis on securing multiple points of vulnerabilities on a typical network.

Lab Overview
During the lab, you will practice ping and traceroute, using your home PC to identify a cyber-criminal and then research domains associated with IP addresses. You will then write and submit two written reports that demonstrate the critical writing skills essential to informing leaders within an organization of an important network security event.

In our virtual lab environment, you will configure network components for enhanced security, monitoring and analysis. These activities will be completed on open-source applications that you could then install to a home network or lab. The skills you’ll learn could also be used in production environments on open source or commercial products.

Who Should Attend? 

+ Anyone new to cybersecurity and in need of an introduction to the fundamentals of network defense. Those who want to refresh their skills or go in-depth on Blue Team tactics.

+ Professionals with computer and technical knowledge who need to be conversant in basic security concepts, principles and terms.

+ Should be comfortable with Linux command line or have significant Windows Command Line experience. We will be working with Linux applications.

6:00PM – 9:00 PM | Monday
6:00PM – 9:00 PM | Wednesday

How Many CPE’s

36 Hours



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SecureSet Academy