Denver Startup Week: DSWLive Interview with Bret Fund

October 3, 2018

Denver Startup Week (DSW) is one of the largest free events of its kind. In 2017, DSW brought in a crowd of over 19,000 attendees, taking part in 376 different programs and events. Each year, DSW takes over Denver’s downtown area to unite the Mile High City’s entrepreneurial community, celebrating its growth, and its commitment to innovation and fresh ideas. During DSW, SecureSet Academy Founder and CEO, Bret Fund was interviewed about the cybersecurity crisis, as well as the story and mission behind SecureSet Academy.

“Cybersecurity is one of the most demanding and important problems of our time. It literally affects everything that we’re doing.”—Bret Fund

During his interview, Bret explains that the current state of cybersecurity, as well as his ongoing mission to secure the future, are the driving forces behind the continued growth and success of SecureSet Academy. In the spirit of DSW, Bret delves into ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur. He makes one of his most salient points near the tail-end of the interview: “To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to love what you’re doing.” Bret goes on to explain that the passion that you have for your business is what sustains you through the hard times; it’s also what allows you to continue to thrive as an entrepreneur and propel your business towards future successes.

Click watch Bret Fund’s entire interview with DSW here.