Our Academy Students Connect the Security Dots

May 20, 2016

DENVER, May 20, 2016 – Every Friday, students in our CORE program are challenged to think holistically about integrating the security theory and skills they’re learning with the principals of strong security cultures. Today, students were taken to task by the physical security experts at VTI Security.

As part of their sponsorship of our Academy, VTI Security’s Joshua Cummings and Stephen Fisher led students through a comprehensive overview of physical security theory application, a full site/solution audit of the Academy campus, and a collaborative exercise of solution design. The take-away? The physical and cybersecurity worlds share a common goal: to make the entity more secure. How? By making it a smaller target. So, why not work together? It’s forward thinking, and VTI is leading the way for many of its clients.

Thank you to VTI for the forward-thinking and for your ongoing support of the Academy and our students. We’re excited we get to work together. (Photo credits: VTI Security.)

To learn more about opportunities to partner with VTI to build your core knowledge of physical security technologies, please contact Stephen Fisher at [email protected].

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