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We bring the bootcamp model to cybersecurity education with comprehensive, practical programs for launching your career or upping your tradecraft. We partner with top employers to provide the skilled talent the industry is searching for.

CORE Technical

If you’re interested in a career as a tier 1+ security engineer, technical analyst, penetration tester or consultant, then our CORE bootcamp program is the right fit for you. The CORE is more technical and less analytical than our HUNT program. 20 weeks and you’ll be mission-ready.

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HUNT Analyst

If you’re interested in a career as a tier 1+ security analyst, threat analyst or hunt analyst, then our HUNT bootcamp program is the right fit for you. The HUNT is more analytical and less technical than our CORE program. Only 12 weeks until you’re mission-ready.

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Who's Hiring Our Grads?

Work for some of the best companies in the tech industry as a cybersecurity engineer, analyst, threat tech or consultant. To learn more about our hiring partners, click here.

Cybersecurity Job Growth 350%
IT Job Growth 100%
Cybersecurity Salary 80000$
IT Salary 60000$

Cybersecurity Job Openings / World
Cybersecurity Job Openings / USA
Cybersecurity Job Growth vs IT
Average Cybersecurity Salary / USA

Cybersecurity is the single most important industry that has developed in this nation since the Industrial Revolution.

—Bill Crowell, Managing Partner, Alsop-Louie Partners

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More than 9,500 vacant cybersecurity jobs are in Colorado

September 26, 2017 | For all the threats to our personal information and government security, there is a significant need for more workers with skills to fight cybercrime. Across the country the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education estimates there are nearly 300,000 vacant cybersecurity jobs, more than 9,500 of......

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