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We turn motivated people into the skilled, cybersecurity talent our employment partners want. SecureSet programs combine theory and hands-on lab work for a real-world experience.

CORE Technical Program

Develop the skills you need for a career as a tier 1+ security engineer, technical analyst, penetration tester or consultant. Our CORE program's technical focus gets you mission ready in 20 weeks.

Detail-oriented problem solvers with a programming background are a good fit.

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HUNT Analyst Program

Launch a successful career as a tier 1+ security analyst, threat analyst or hunt analyst. Be mission ready in 12 weeks with our HUNT program's analytical focus where fewer technical skills are required.

Curiosity and a passion for research make you a good fit for HUNT.

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PATH Evening Program

Our PATH evening program allows you to choose either an analytical or engineering path of curriculum. Develop the skills you need for a career as a tier 1+ SOC analyst, threat intel analyst, security consultant, compliance analyst, security engineer, technical analyst or penetration tester. Our PATH program will have you mission ready in 36 weeks.

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SecureSet PREP

Learn the foundational skills needed for our CORE and HUNT programs. This workshop teaches you base-level technical skills in preparation for a cybersecurity career. Passing this workshop guarantees admittance to one of our immersive programs. The cost can be deducted from future program tuition.

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Our graduates leave ready to fill the 300K job openings in the cybersecurity field.


Industry demand exceeds supply by a 2.5 ratio making our graduates highly sought after.


80% of cybersecurity jobs require advanced training. Our programs teach the needed skills.

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Cybersecurity is the single most important industry that has developed in this nation since the Industrial Revolution.

— Bill Crowell, Managing Partner, Alsop-Louie Partners