Coursework in Cybersecurity Tradecraft

Upskill specific areas of your cybersecurity tradecraft with premier coursework covering all foundational disciplines. All courses utilize our practical approach with extensive hands-on lab exercises and guided product training. Each individual course meets one evening per week and includes 36 hours of theory and 36 hours of hands-on labs, for a total of 72 hours of instruction.

Network Security 1

Core ideas in network security. Basic network protocols. Attacks on basic technologies.


System Security 2

Advanced ideas in system security. Standard attacks. Payloads, malware and virtualization.


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Delivering information system security to the enterprise.


Network Security 2

Advanced ideas in network security. Sniffing and port scanning. Web-based application security.


Applied Crypto

Core primitives of cryptography – block ciphers, public key algorithms and hashing. Modern cryptography.


Strategy & Analysis

Psychology of analysis. Criminal psychology. Threat intelligence. Much more.


System Security 1

Core ideas in system security. The three preeminent desktop and two mobile operating systems.


Detection & Logs

Computer information systems security monitoring. Intrusion detection. Crisis management.


App Sec

Advanced knowledge and application of AppSec & Pen Testing.


Official Preparation + Practical Skill Building

Our practical approach to CISSP, Security+ and other certification training incorporates proprietary hands-on labs to upgrade your tradecraft in parallel with your knowledge. Our pass-rates are well above industry average. Certification training courses can be taken simultaneously with the CORE program or any targeted training courses.


Taught by our (ISC)² authorized Academy instructors, our CISSP training provides a comprehensive review of information security concepts and industry best practices, covering the 8 domains of the CISSP CBK, plus SecureSet Academy's proprietary CISSP lab set for targeted practical skill building. Our unique approach to CISSP certification is designed to optimize outcomes for a career in cybersecurity leadership.



Taught by our CompTIA authorized Academy instructors, our Security+ training provides a comprehensive review of the IT security concepts and best practices covered by the Security+ exam, plus SecureSet Academy’s proprietary Security+ lab set for targeted practical skill building. Our unique approach to Security+ certification is designed to optimize outcomes for a career in cybersecurity leadership.



Cybersecurity has multiple domains. The Academy employs a range of domain experts who can relate their expertise to the broader field.

Course Prerequisites

There is no application process for individual courses or certs. Recommended prerequisites are provided in the course descriptions.

Academy admissions staff are available to evaluate and provide feedback on your course readiness. Final course readiness decisions are the responsibility of the student.

Each course is limited to 25 students. Subject to availability, enrollment deadlines are two weeks prior to course start date.

Simultaneous Courses

Not all courses are offered in all academic periods. Multiple courses may be taken in the same academic period as available. For example, you may take System Security 2 on Tuesday evenings and Strategy & Analysis on Thursday evenings in the same academic period.

How to Purchase

Courses and Certs are purchased at the Academy Store. Course date options are provided and selected during the purchase process.

Volume price discounts are available for Courses, and are calculated based upon courses purchased and completed within any consecutive 12-month period.

Individual Course Pricing:

  • Up to 3 courses: $3,950 each
  • 4-7 courses: $3,490 each
  • 8 or more courses: $3,125 each

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