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Please visit our Admissions page and/or refer to page 39 of the Academy Catalog (located at the top of this page).

The bootcamp admissions process can take about one to three weeks to complete. It consists of an electronic application and one to two interviews (as needed). The interviews are intended to give us a solid understanding of your technical and/or analytical abilities, as well as your overall goals for the program.

You’ll be surprised at the level of technical skill that is needed prior to beginning the CORE. In reviewing your background, we will be looking for a basic working knowledge in networking and/or programming (for CORE applicants) and analytical abilities (for HUNT applicants).

There is no way to guarantee a seat. However, here are a few suggestions for how you can increase the strength of your application:

  1. Submit your application as soon as possible.
  2. Reach out and talk with our team to find out more about our CORE and HUNT bootcamp programs.

Upon acceptance into the SecureSet bootcamp programs, your initial cash deposit of $500 and your signed enrollment documents will secure your seat.

As an accepted student of a SecureSet Full Time program, the balance of your tuition is due by Week 15. As an accepted student of a SecureSet Evening program, the balance of your tuition is due by the end of the third quarter. Please see the tuition policy found in the Academic Policies section of the catalog (download available at the top of this page).

You can pay out of pocket or take advantage of several tuition assistance options.

Go to where you will find the SecureSet Bootcamp Programs Application. Upon completing and submitting the Application, your Application will begin the review process. The next step will be an interview with an Academy Lead Instructor. The application process usually takes one to three weeks.

Once you have applied you will receive a call or email from a SecureSet Academy Recruitment Counselor inviting you to an interview and letting you know what to expect during the Admissions process.

Yes. We do accept some international students into our program.

You must complete the SecureSet bootcamp programs application process two weeks in advance of the start date for the bootcamp session you would like to enroll in. Full Time and Evening bootcamp sessions start throughout the year. We have a rolling admission schedule that allows prospective students to apply and complete the admission process at their choosing. 

Please see the Bootcamps Calendar for specific dates and cohorts.

Yes. To be placed on the waitlist, you must have applied, been accepted and then respond to our invitation to be placed on the waiting list.


On average, we have seen most, if not all, of our students find employment within three months of graduation. We have a number of hiring partners who are standing ready to interview our graduates before each of our sessions begin.

Our CORE graduates are set up to start their career in either an Analyst, Engineer or Consultant type role. Within each of these three fields are various titles such as:

  • Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Information Technology Security Analyst
  • Information Security Manager
  • Information Assurance Engineer
  • Information Technology Auditor
  • Security Administrator

Our HUNT graduates are set up to start their career in either an Analyst, Engineer or Consultant type role. Within each of these three fields are various titles such as:

  • Security Analyst
  • Hunt Analyst
  • Threat Analyst

Practice! Practice! Practice! To really excel at anything you need to spend time playing around and figuring things out. Becoming a security professional is no different. Start now by putting in the time you need to become the skilled professional you want to be.


A list of all your equipment needs will be supplied to you once you have been accepted into the program. Generally speaking, any laptop of reasonable quality should meet your needs for our bootcamp programs.

We won’t promise that you will be an expert. It takes many years for that to happen. We do promise that we can make you one of the best entry-level cybersecurity professionals in the marketplace. After we help launch you into this career we will continue to work with you to help you achieve your goals long after you have graduated.

We offer optional study guides to help you prepare for the CORE. Taking advantage of workshops and prep courses in advance of the first day will also help you get up to speed—and become part of the security community. If you are fairly confident in your analytical, networking and/or programming skills there may be little you need to do to prepare for our programs.

There will be some assessment of your knowledge, skills and abilities as you move along in our program. Instead of a comprehensive final exam, we require that students build a portfolio of their security work relating to the courses they have completed.



Our campuses (Denver and Colorado Springs, CO and Tampa, FL) offer affordable housing markets with many options. Among them: Airbnb long-term rentals or short-term house or apartment rentals using numerous online tools. Our Admissions Counselors will be happy to assist you in arranging shared accommodations with other students or making recommendations for housing in the area.


Please see the following graphic for a comparison of the Full Time and Evening CORE programs. More information can be found on the CORE page of the Academy website.


The Hunt Analyst program is more analytical and less technical than our CORE program. While it is helpful for students to enter the CORE program with backgrounds in network engineering or computer programming, HUNT applicants usually have backgrounds in research/analysis, critical thinking and basic statistics. CORE students will find jobs as engineers, analysts, penetration testers and consultants while HUNT students will find jobs as security, hunt and threat analysts.


SecureSet Academy bootcamp progams prepare students for entry-level positions in cybersecurity related fields as security analysts, engineers or consultants. Our bootcamp curriculums are designed in conjunction with industry partners and potential employers of our graduates to satisfy current hiring requirements. Our bootcamp training emphasizes hands-on exercises to build skills across the products currently in use by the industry. We also offer optional training for CISSP (or CISSP Associate) and Security+ certifications.

SecureSet is set to build the world’s foremost cybersecurity community. With state-of-the-art education, business acceleration and product testing we’re arming our participants with the complex skills needed to compete in the ever-evolving cybersecurity space.

Student Experience

SecureSet offers campuses in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado as well as Tampa, Florida.

Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 800-445-0024.

Usually there are no more than 25 students in a bootcamp cohort.

Yes! SecureSet regularly hosts a number of events for the cybersecurity community near our campuses. This means there are plenty of opportunities for our students to attend events that sound interesting to them.

The CORE Evening program is designed for individuals that want to continue working full-time while attending the CORE. Most of the Full Time CORE and HUNT program instruction will take place during a typical workday so you may find it hard to stay employed full-time and be successful in the full time programs.


Tuition for all CORE programs is $19,950. Tuition for the HUNT program is $11,950. This includes all courses and lab exercises and regular networking and career fair events.

Beyond tuition, there is a $50 registration fee, and students may spend an estimated $750 on equipment and supplies. We accept payment by credit card, check, or bank transfer, and a full range of tuition assistance options are available. Please email our admissions team at [email protected] for more information on tuition assistance programs.

Tuition is made in 3 payments over the course of each program with the balance due at 75% of program completion. See the tuition policy outlined in the Academic Policies section of the SecureSet Academy Catalog for details on the CORE payment schedules.

Yes, of course! We are happy to work with employers looking to sponsor a potential Academy student. Please contact us to find out more.

Yes. You can use some combinations of tuition assistance options to cover the cost of your tuition. Not all combinations are available.

We have a number of companies that are willing to help finance the education of our Academy candidates. These scholarships range in amount that they cover. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out what opportunities are available for the session you are applying to.

An Academy Admissions Counselor will discuss all available tuition assistance options with you at your request. 

Yes, however you must apply separately for scholarships.

SecureSet students have successfully received grants from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Pursuit of these grants is entirely up to the applicant.

Yes. The SecureSet Academy—Colorado Springs Campus is
currently enrolling GI Bill recipients. Please contact our Admissions Team for more information.

Yes. You may be entitled to receive a refund for unused tuition you have paid in accordance with our refund policy. Please see the refund policy outlined in the Academic Policies section of the SecureSet Academy Catalog for full details (Catalog download available at the top of this page).